04 Jul 2021

Journal – July – August 2021

Journal: July / August 2021 – In this issue:

    • Co-Editor’s Corner, Jim Blaine, MD  2
      President’s Page, Thomas Kuich, MD 3
      Child Advocacy Center: Providing a Voice. Nurturing Hope. Katiina Dull & Linda Saturno 4
      In This Case, Saving Lives, Bob Stephens 6
      Whole Inactivated and Live Viral Vaccines, Minh-Thu Le, MD 8
      GCMS Alliance, Barbara Hover 11
      Low Immunization Rates, Richard Seagrave, MD 12
      An Open Thank You Letter, Joseph Arnold, JD, MD 13
      CoxHealth Family Medicine Residency,  Class of 2024 14
      A Message to GCMS, Alexander R. Hover, MD 17
      GCMS Comm Health Advisory Committee Minutes, Cathy Leiboult 18
      Pace’s Post, Victor M. Pace, MD 21
      Transgender, Vu H. Le, MD 23
      Professional Directory 25